2. Why should you buy our tracks?

There are a few other places on the internet selling musical theatre backing tracks… so why, you might ask, should you buy from us?

  • We’re fast!
    Tracks are downloadable instantly once your payment has been processed. You will receive an email receipt containing your download link, or you can return to your account page after payment and find your downloads in there. Each track has a download limit of 3 attempts, so make sure you save your file carefully. If you have any problems, just drop us an email.
  • We’re good!
    – We have over ten years experience working in both professional musical theatre and the recording & music production industry. We’ve composed & produced music for TV, film and national advertising campaigns, we’ve orchestrated and conducted for West End and international shows, and we’ve produced Original Cast Recordings and albums for Broadway & West End stars. So you know you’re getting the best quality music AND sound… the best of both worlds!
    – All our tracks are made using a mix of real instruments and some of the best instrument samples & plugins known to man.
    – We provide you with high quality MP3s at 320kbps – the highest quality MP3 you can get online! This means you’ll be able to hear loads more of the detail in the track and distinguish the different instruments, articulations and tones. Wonderful!
  • We don’t pitch-shift… we re-record.
    Where you find our tracks available in different keys, they’re not pitch-shifted like most backing track retailers out there. Oh no… we actually record and produce the tracks in each different key. You see, when you pitch-shift a recording you get lots of strange artefacts and lose a lot of quality. If you’re putting so much effort into perfecting your performance, the last thing you need is a poor-quality backing track ruining that, so we’ll make all the effort we can to give you the quality you deserve! If the track you want isn’t available in the key you need, see FAQ 6 below and we’ll sort you out!
  • We’re tempo-synced!
    We carefully tempo sync our tracks, wherever possible, to exactly match the cast recordings… not just the starting tempo, but every pause, rall, and vamp are all matched to those recordings you know and love. If there is more than one recording for a musical, check the notes in the description for details of which we’ve used.

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